There has been a user report of an issue with a robot catching fire while being charged.  The fire was quickly extinguished with a standard BC class fire extinguisher (common kitchen type extinguisher).  KIPR has not examined  the equipment in question and does not know the cause of the issue.  Until the cause is determined UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should the link be plugged in and left charging without DIRECT adult supervision at all times and with a fire extinguisher nearby. 

Make sure to read through the Link Charge Warning document.

Urgent Software update 03/8/2013:

Firmwares prior to 1.9.5 DO NOT stop the Create with the shut_down_in() command.

KISS IDE 4.0.5

> KIPR LINK Firmware 1.9.5

  • Fixed shut_down_in
  • Fixed file manager

If you do not want to upgrade to 1.9.5 or newer, see the botball community for an alternate fix:

If you do not upgrade or apply the fix, you are operating at your own risk!

Game Rules Update to Version 1.2 on 03/13/2013

  • Major update to Setup -> starting light placement
  • Clarified botguy starting position
  • Robot Logistics #22 clarification
  • Robot Logistics #23 addition -> robots can only be run by the team they are labeled to
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